Quality of Life

  Indiana is ranked 48th for quality of life. I will fight for common sense legislation that will improve the lives of all Hoosiers leaving absolutely no one behind.

The metric used to determine this ranking included air quality, pollution, voter participation, and social support according to the World Report. These essential amenities need more attention specifically in District 26 and that is exactly what we will give them.

Public Education

  The education budget for the state has to be able to meet the needs of both educators and students. I will fight to modernize public education by improving funding for teachers, students and classrooms so we will no longer be one of the lowest per pupil funded public education systems in the country.


School safety and the safety of our children should be everyone’s number one priority. I will do whatever it takes and work with whomever I have to no matter the political party or background to ensure we are doing everything it takes to keep our kids safe at school.

Social Equality 

 In my district the disparities among our citizens has a direct relationship to the quality of life. Women and minorities in Indiana deserve fair wages and equal opportunity. For too long we have lagged in social equality and opportunity. I will work tirelessly for ALL Hoosiers no matter their gender, race or religious beliefs.

Rebuilding Our Infrastructure

Infrastructure is the backbone of our economy. It is most necessary to sustain development and quality of life. District 26 and it’s cities and towns are no different from the rest of the state. We will work on legislation that invests in our infrastructure while planning for future growth and needs across the district and state. 

The Drug Epidemic

The measures that the Indiana legislature has taken so far to defeat this epidemic are not sufficient enough. This crisis needs legislation that has the people’s needs at the top of the agenda. I’ve seen first hand what this crisis has done to citizens and will fight to make the changes needed to aid in this epidemic. We believe in ensuring substance abuse and mental health centers are well funded while implementing state-sponsored treatment programs for the uninsured or underinsured.